14+ Free Dinosaur Crochet Patterns

Dinosaurs are my most popular crochet pattern designs, and I’ve certainly designed a lot of them! Here you’ll find a list of all of my free dinosaur crochet patterns for you to enjoy!

All of these dinosaur crochet patterns are available for free! These patterns are well written with detailed instructions, and also include extensive photo tutorials that are especially helpful with assembling.

Some of the amigurumi dinosaurs you’ll see included here are a bit more common, like the Triceratops, while you can also find some lesser known dinos, such as the Parasaurolophus.

free dinosaur crochet patterns shown in a variety of colors and types of amigurumi dinosaurs

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Let’s start with the most popular of my crochet dinosaurs, the triceratops! I have 3 different base triceratops crochet patterns to offer, including the full size version, mini version, as well as a lovey.

tanner the Triceratops

This Triceratops crochet pattern is by far my most popular dinosaur pattern. Tanner works up great in a variety of yarns, and is especially popular for creating various themed triceratops. You can see a few of those theme variations below. My favorites have been the Strawberry Triceratops, Blueberry Triceratops, and Sunflower Triceratops!

You can find this pattern for free on my blog, with the ad-free PDF available on Etsy or Ravelry.

tanner the triceratops free dinosaur crochet pattern in teal with gray accent colors

Mini Tanner the Triceratops

This smaller Triceratops crochet pattern is just a mini replica of the larger Tanner the Triceratops pattern. Mini Tanner is one of my personal favorites! I love making this pattern in velvet and plush yarns like Parfait Chunky, which creates such a nice size plushie, with less time than the full size Tanner.

Mini Tanner the Triceratops is available for free on my blog, and also has an ad-free PDF available on Etsy and Ravelry.

Strawberry Triceratops

This free pattern modification to make a strawberry Triceratops is definitely a fan favorite! By making a few color changes, and substituting the strawberry pattern instead of the horns, Tanner the Triceratops becomes a fun and fruity dinosaur!

This pattern modification instructions and strawberry pattern are available for free on my blog, and save it to your Ravelry projects.

strawberry tanner and mini tanner the triceratops free dinosaur crochet pattern shown in pink yarn with strawberry horns

Hug Me Triceratops Lovey

If you’re looking for the perfect baby shower gift, look no further than this adorable Triceratops lovey! This free lovey pattern pairs beautifully with the amigurumi Triceratops above to makes a great matching set for new babies and their older siblings as well!

This Triceratops lovey pattern is available for free on my blog, with an ad-free PDF available on Etsy and Ravelry.

triceratops lovey shown in shades of blue

This video is also available on YouTube. Watch this video: Meet the Big Dinos! on YouTube.


These next free dinosaur crochet patterns are for the Tarbosaurus dinosaur. The Tarbosaurus can be compared to a Tyrannosaurus Rex (T-Rex) and Allosaurus, but these cute crochet patterns are nothing to fear!

Toby the Tarbosaurus

Meet Toby the Tarbosaurus, one of the largest dinos in my free dinosaur crochet pattern collection. Toby has spikes along his back, with embroidery around his eyes to give him a bit of a softer look.

You can find this dinosaur pattern for free here on my blog, with the ad-free PDF available on Etsy and Ravelry.

toby the tarbosaurus free dinosaur crochet pattern shown in greens

Mini Toby the Tarbosaurus

This small Tarbosaurus pattern is a mini version of the larger Toby the Tarbosaurus. This small dinosaur is another one that I enjoy making in plush yarns to create a larger result in less time!

This free dinosaur crochet pattern is available here on my blog, with the ad-free PDF over on Etsy and Ravelry.

mini toby the tarbosaurus free crochet pattern shown in purple and teal yarns


The Stygimoloch is one of my son’s favorite dinosaurs, so I had to design one! You may remember “Stiggy” from Jurassic World Fallen Kingdom movie. She’s the dinosaur who headbutts the door open. The Stygimoloch is very similar to the Pachycephalosaurus, however, the Pachy was a bit larger.

Stevie the Stygimoloch

This Stygimoloch crochet pattern is one of my more detailed dinosaur crochet patterns, with the dome piece on her head, as well as the crown of horns.

You can view this pattern for free on my blog, or head on over to Etsy and Ravelry for the ad-free PDF.

stevie the stygimoloch free dinosaur crochet pattern amigurumi in shades of yellow and orange

Mini Stevie the Stygimoloch

The mini version of this Stygimoloch crochet pattern is such a fun design and again works great in plush yarns. I especially love to make this pattern in Parfait Chunky yarn.

You can get this small Stygimoloch crochet pattern for free here on my blog, or get the ad-free PDF on Etsy or Ravelry.

mini stevie the stygimoloch free dinosaur crochet pattern amigurumi in shades of teal

Strawberry Lemonade Stygimoloch

This strawberry lemonade modification of Mini Stevie the Stygimoloch is one of my very favorite themed dinosaurs! I used Parfait Chunky with this design, and he turned out to be nearly as big as the full size Stygimoloch pattern.

This free amigurumi dinosaur crochet pattern modification can be found here on my blog, and save it to your favorites on Ravelry.

strawberry lemonade stygimoloch shown in pink with strawberry and lemon accents


The Apatosaurus is a long-neck dinosaur, similar to the Diplodocus, Brontosaurus, or Brachiosaurus. You can also find this dinosaur in the Jurassic World movies!

Andy the Apatosaurus

This Apatosaurus free crochet pattern is the largest of all of my dinosaurs so far! I love his eyebrows and the stripes embroidered down his back and on his arms and legs!

You can find the free version of this Apatosaurus crochet pattern over on my blog, or get the ad-free PDF on Etsy or Ravelry.

purple apatosaurus amigurumi

Mini Andy the Apatosaurus

Another mini dinosaur to add to the list is the smaller version of Andy the Apatosaurus. Mini Andy is such a sweet little dinosaur and is another one that works up great in plush yarns!

You can get the free pattern for this Apatosaurus here on my blog, or head on over to Etsy or Ravelry for the ad-free PDF.

purple and mint apatosaurus amigurumi


Now for my personal favorite dinosaur, the Parasaurolophus! The Parasaurolophus is another that you see throughout the Jurassic movies. Do you remember Ducky from Land Before Time? She was a Saurolophus, which is essentially a smaller version of the Parasaurolophus.

Parker the Parasaurolophus

This Parasaurolophus crochet pattern is such a fun design! I love the shaping of the crest on the top of the head. The crest is a simple addition that really makes this pattern stand out.

You can find this free Parasaurolophus crochet pattern here on my blog, and the ad-free PDF on Etsy and Ravelry.

Mini Parker the Parasaurolophus

This mini version of the Parasaurolophus is such a cute little dinosaur! This pattern also works up fantastically in plush yarns like Parfait Chunky and Bernat Velvet.

You can find this pattern for free on my blog, with the ad-free PDF available on Etsy and Ravelry.

mini parker the parasaurolophus dinosaur amigurumi in pinks


Did you know that a Pterosaur describes several “flying dinosaurs”, such as the Pterodactyl, Pteranodon, Quetzalcoatlus, Dimorphodon, and more! While Pterosaurs weren’t technically dinosaurs (they’re reptiles), they lived in the same periods and went extinct with the dinosaurs.

Tori the Pterosaur

I really enjoyed designing this free dinosaur crochet pattern for a Pterosaur! I especially love the crest on the back of the head and the teeny tiny tail!

You can find this Pterosaur crochet pattern for free on my blog, or get the ad-free PDF on Ravelry or Etsy.

Mini Tori the Pterosaur

This smaller version of Tori the Pterosaur is so much fun to make and works up beautifully in a variety of yarns!

You can find this pattern on my blog for free, as well as the ad-free PDF pattern in my Etsy shop and Ravelry.

Themed Dinosaurs

As I mentioned above, there have been a lot of fun modifications done to my free dinosaur crochet patterns over the years. Here are a few that you can find detailed instructions for.

Candy Corn Dinosaurs

I made a few different amigurumi dinosaurs in a candy corn theme around Halloween. Who doesn’t want to see Halloween dinosaur crochet patterns? These modification instructions are for Mini Stevie the Stygimoloch, Mini Tanner the Triceratops, and Mini Toby the Tarbosaurus.

You can find the modification instructions for free on my blog. You can also save this on Ravelry.

candy corn themed dinosaur amigurumi

Fruit Dinosaurs

As mentioned above, there are free modifications for the Strawberry Tanner the Triceratops crochet pattern (including the mini version), and the free modifications for the Strawberry Lemonade Mini Stevie the Stygimoloch.

What yarn should I use when making an Amigurumi dinosaur?

You can make these designs in any weight of yarn, provided you adjust your hook size to fit the weight of the yarn you choose.

More Amigurumi Crochet Patterns

easy amigurumi collection
small crochet chicken amigurumi

I hope you enjoyed these free dinosaur crochet patterns! Dinosaurs are one of my absolute favorite projects to design, so be sure to check back often to see any new designs added to the list!

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  1. First off, I love these patterns! They are so fun to make and they turn out beautiful. Second, would you mind if I sell plushies made from you patterns at a market? -Mizzen

    1. Thank you, I’m so glad you like them! Yes, I’m happy for you to sell the finished items made from my patterns. Enjoy!

  2. This is the second pattern of yours that I have made. I love them. They are so easy to make. The first one was Fredric the Fox, bow I’m crocheting Toby. Please keep the amazing patterns coming. I will be making more of your patterns in the future.

  3. Your patterns are the best! Clear and easy to follow instructions. I’ve made two Tanners, one for each of my boys, and they love them. Thank you Nicole!

  4. Any chance you have one that “resembles” Little Foot from Land Before Time? That was my kiddo’s favorite almost 40 years ago (no way am I that old lol)

  5. I stumbled across your patterns & I am IN LOVE!!! In the middle of making Tanner in Bernat Blanket yarn, so he’s HUGE! But I love him so much! I can’t wait til he’s finished!! Then I’ll be making every other one you’ve got on here! Super grateful for you! Paty

    1. Hello, I do not have a spiderweb modification for my dinosaur patterns. Those who have done the spiderweb theme have used my Tanner the Triceratops or Mini Tanner the Triceratops and freehanded their modifications.

  6. Hi I love making your dinosaurs and I want to make the sunflower one but I can’t find the pattern can you please help me

    1. Hello,

      I do not have a sunflower modification for any of my dinosaurs. I have seen others use Tanner the Triceratops and Mini Tanner the Triceratops, and just change up the colors and add their own sunflower elements. Hope that helps!

  7. Hi. I tried stygimoloch . It turned out beautiful. Thanku very much for sharing such a beautiful pattern n.

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