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Welcome to my completely FREE email course: Learn Amigurumi for Beginners! In this course we will learn all about the art of amigurumi, what you need to get started, basic skills, and crocheting your first plush!

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About Amigurumi For Beginners

Learn how to crochet amigurumi with this free course, Amigurumi for Beginners. This free crochet course is full of content that will help you learn how to crochet your own plushies! We will start off with the basics, learn the necessary stitches and techniques, and then we will practice those skills with projects that are exclusive to this course.

Some of the topics we will cover in this course include:

  • Intro to Amigurumi
  • Supplies Needed
  • Basic Stitches and Techniques
  • How to Read a Crochet Pattern
  • Making Your First Amigurumi
  • Advancing Your Skills

This amigurumi for beginners course contains step-by-step tutorials, photos, videos, and more.


Learn Amigurumi for Beginners is an email course that will teach you everything you need to know to learn how to crochet amigurumi. Each lesson covers a specific topic or skill that you will receive an email for over the course of 10 days.

Need extra time? If you don’t have time to complete a lesson, or need more time, don’t worry! The lessons don’t expire and you’ll be able to access them again and again.

After you’ve completed this amigurumi for beginners course, you will keep full access to all of the course content to refer back to whenever needed.

And yes, it’s completely free!

About Me

A little bit about me – I’m Nicole, and I’ll be taking you through this course! I learned to crochet when I was a child, but it didn’t quite stick. I picked my hook up again after college and I’ve been crocheting non-stop ever since. I started designing my own crochet patterns in 2016, and started focusing primarily on amigurumi designs in 2020. You can read a bit more about me on my bio page.

I’m most known for my beginner friendly crochet patterns, particularly for amigurumi, that include very detailed instructions and photo tutorials, especially for assembly instructions. It’s my goal that anyone with the basic skills and confidence can create super cute amigurumi!

I created this amigurumi for beginners course to help more people learn the basics of crocheting amigurumi. It is my hope that throughout this course you can gain the knowledge and confidence to continue on your amigurumi journey, and gain a lifelong hobby and skill.

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Sign up here to start the free email course, “Learn Amigurumi for Beginners”!

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