Thanks for stopping by! I’m Nicole and I’m the designer behind all the crochet patterns you will find here! 

I learned to crochet as a child but it didn’t stick for very long. After picking my hook back up in 2012 and falling in love with amigurumi, I have been crocheting non-stop since then. I started designing my own crochet patterns in 2016. My family is the inspiration behind most of my patterns. I’m most known for my beginner-friendly amigurumi crochet patterns. 

My patterns are designed with clarity in mind. It is my goal that, no matter the skill level, any crocheter can understand my patterns. There is nothing better than hearing that a new crocheter learned the craft using one of my designs! 

What You’ll Find Here

On my blog I share my crochet pattern designs, crochet tips, tutorials, inspiration, and more! Whether it be fun, handmade gifts, or functional creations, you can find a ton of ideas for your family, especially kiddos, to enjoy!

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While most of my pattern designs can be found for free here on my blog, I’ve also designed from WeCrochet Magazine and other WeCrochet publications, crochet.com, and Crochet Foundry. My work has also been featured in Simply Crochet Magazine and various blogs. You can see more of my featured work here.

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